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TMA 01 Due

29/10/2012 00:00
TMA 01 Due Today   Question: Drawing on what you have learnt from the "Making Social Lives" DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline how material things on City Road favour the activities of some groups of people over others.   I am glad they gave us an easy question to start off...


I've been so bad.

17/09/2012 20:53
I haven't done much studying this past week so I really have to get some done this week. I want to get ahead of the game because I'm going on holiday 13th Oct for a week and I'd rather not take my stuff with me.


Time to start getting serious.

13/09/2012 13:30
Well hello! This is my very first blog.   I'm very excited about starting my new course - DD101 Introducting the Social Sciences. It is as subject I have been interested in for several years and I put off applying for any courses because I didn't believe I had the intelligence to complete...